Understanding the Art of Experience Mapping

Experience mapping is a powerful tool to break down a customer’s needs in context– especially when leveraging design techniques to layer in advanced narrative tactics. Understanding the foundations of visual storytelling is key to a strong interaction design narrative so you can understand who your customer is and how to build for them.

This has never been more relevant than when looking towards new modes of interaction such as voice and chatbots. Breaking down hard data and complex research findings can be overwhelming, especially for non-designers. Let alone, transforming them into an enriched visual story that highlights emotional, technical, and narrative layers of the customer experience.

In May 2019 I presented my training on Understanding the Art of Experience Mapping. The hour long talk consisted of my framework for empathy mapping based on the complexity of data sets. Below is an excerpt of the presentation given at UXPA Boston 2019 to over 300 attendees. The presentation ended with a small workshop to help attendees try out the experience map framework.

Below is a narrated video of my presentation

Lisa Vissichelli presenting her talk on Understanding the Art of Experience Mapping 2019

Below are the slides from the presentation