Understanding the Art of Experience Mapping

Published by Lisa Vissichelli on

UXPA Presentation 2019

Experience mapping is a powerful tool to break down a customer’s needs in context– especially when leveraging design techniques to layer in advanced narrative tactics. Understanding the foundations of visual storytelling is key to a strong interaction design narrative so you can understand who your customer is and how to build for them.

This has never been more relevant than when looking towards new modes of interaction such as voice and chatbots. Breaking down hard data and complex research findings can be overwhelming, especially for non-designers. Let alone, transforming them into an enriched visual story that highlights emotional, technical, and narrative layers of the customer experience.

This talk with give a framework to break down findings, and map out a multi-faceted experience map of customer profiles, journeys and discovery work to get past tech talk and visualize the opportunity space.

Lisa Vissichelli

Transforming research deliverables into editorial infographics is my focus. I have lead designers and researchers in understanding design thinking, strategizing innovative design concepts, and shaping brand development in market research firms since 2013. Currently I am the Head of Visual Design at AnswerLab, where we help create experiences people love, Partnering with global brands to bring a human-centered design process to every product they launch. Through my work at AnswerLab, Sachs Insights(Creative Director), MITEF Enterprise Forum, and RelPro, I contributed to many projects across multiple platforms. My infographic work has been showcased in the Information is Beautiful Awards from 2015-2017 and I am the 2017 winner of the Adobe Creative Jam NYC.