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I am here to bring your brand story to life

Data driven design is the key to growing holistic brand experiences. Since 2013, I have lead designers and researchers in understanding design thinking, strategizing innovative design concepts, and shaping brand development in market research firms.

Partnering with global brands, I leverage visual storytelling techniques to achieve end-to-end transformations of complex brand stories.

Visualizing Insights for

Fortune 500 companies

Through my work at AnswerLab(Head of Visual Design), Sachs Insights(Creative Director), MITEF Enterprise Forum, and RelPro, I build cross-channel marketing experiences people love. My data visualization and accessibility presentations and infographics have been showcased at UXPA Boston, IAAP, Pratt, FIT, Adobe Creative Jam, and Information is Beautiful.

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About Lisa

Developing Market Research Design Teams

Since 2012, I have been drawn to Market Research firms and Agencies as a head of visual design. When I’ve joined teams I audit the marketplace competitors, develop a marketing plan, and would collaborate to develop an interactive client design pipeline.

Developing brand stories, pitch materials, presentations, and cross channel marketing collateral was a big part of this. Infographics and data driven design were strategic tools I concentrated on to communicate complex information in simple formats. The data driven design strategies have been so successful in prospecting and retaining clients that it has lead to my hands on creative team training and development. Today I lead a design team specialized in advanced data visualization support to technology, Finserve and consumer clients. Some of our clients include Google, Facebook, American Express, and Amazon.

My Story

Presenting my ideas, blueprints and presentations in class was my favorite part of the design process. Drawn to the NYC design scene, I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology where I often sketched pages and pages of pitch ideas for concepts, prompts, and creative solutions. Crafting stories and drawing my ideas came natural when I had school projects and lead me to concentrate in an illustration college path.

It lead me to exploring various industries I could apply creative solution skills. This ranged from print advertising and fashion technical design, to software development. Seeing a range of internal and external design practices built on my fundamental knowledge of how to create a hollistic brand and create successful design culture.

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