5 Creative Team Habits for Thriving Remotely

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Over a year ago, my team and I went from a hybrid remote and in person work flow to fully remote. The change happened almost completely overnight in light of the pandemic as we had a day to pack our essentials and leave our NYC office. The change helped us grow and level up our processes. As a manager I have learned a lot along the way, and while we had ideas in theory of how the transition would work, we had to develop clear boundaries and innovation opportunities to help build a remote creative culture.

A few questions I am often asked are:

How can designers collaborate remotely?

How do you maintain a creative culture virtually?

How can designers do their best work without constant verbal confirmations?

First off, these were questions I have received even in a hybrid work environment. To get started, it is important to ensure that Designers are set up for success with proper pillars in place to grow a strong team over time.

Designers often require a few essentials to do their best work:

  • Building blocks
  • Support
  • Guides
  • Growth
  • Inspiration
  • Essentials for Happy Designers
    5 Essentials for Happy Designers

    In a remote settings the above essentials are still just as relevant but with a few key challenges:

    • The workspace of each teammate is less accessible
    • Less physical visibility of hand movements, hand eye coordination, and quick key usages
    • Inability to have in-person whiteboarding or sketching
    • A lack of awareness of facial expressions/tone

    As designers often count on these visible cues to gauge technique, clarity of instructions, and improve trainings. In a remote setting we have to rely on a virtual creative space and less face-to-face accountability. Here are the areas I recommend focusing on for an optimal creative space:

    • 5 Creative Team Habits For Thriving Remotely
    • Keep an organized calendar: color code, tag, and set reminders
    • Build Buffer Time In: coffee breaks, edits and breathers
    • Knowledge Share and Workshop Weekly: tips, tools and efficiencies
    • Reflect on Progress at Least Monthly: ROIs, time management and innovations
    • Tidy and Organize Resources Quarterly: best practices, libraries, assets, and playbooks

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