Impact Across Industries

What is the big question?

Working with clients to align on their goals is key to a successful design strategy.

How to get the word out?

Delivering insights in a clear, impactful, and engaging way can be a difficult task. No one wants to read pages and pages of text. Effective storytelling can be the difference between walking away without a roadmap for next steps and creating team and business growth.

Who is your audience?

Who is your audience?

Who are you marketing towards? Developing strategies to target customer segments is the key to building successful business goals.

Developing Roadmaps and Cohesive Data Stories

Want to get your team onboard? Its important to speak the same visual language. Customized storytelling is key to aligning internal and external teams.

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CPAC Certified

AnswerLab Accessibility Taskforce
PresentAdobe Creative Jam:
Judge's Choice 2017

Adobe Creative Jam:
People's Choice 2017

Information is Beautiful Awards:
The On Demand Economy 2016

Information is Beautiful Awards:
What is the Internet Doing in Major Emerging Countries? 2015

Information is Beautiful Awards:
The Quest to Find A Unicorn 2015

Featured Talks

IAAP Panellist
(coming up 4/2021)

UXPA Boston 2019:
Understanding the Art of Experience Mapping

Fashion Institute of Technology:
Intro to Infographics 2018

Pratt Institute:
Data Visualization Workshop 2017

Prat Institute:
Intro to Infographics 2016

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Sachs Insights 2014-2018

Cat Camp NYC 2018-2019

MITEF NYC X Sachs Insights 2015-2017

General Assembly 2016

NYC UX/User Researcher 2016

NYCxEvent 2015

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