Leading Data-Driven Design Strategies

Are you delivering a data-driven experiences?

Who Are You Designing For?

Who are you marketing towards? I work with clients to audit the marketplace and identify their target audiences.

How to get the word out?

Delivering insights in a clear, impactful, and engaging way can be a difficult task. A cross channel strategy is key to success.

Is your team engaged?

Having engaged and collaborative creative teams is essential for effective data-driven design.

How to strategize complex brand stories?

Its important to speak the same visual language as your clients. Effective storytelling can be the difference between walking away without a roadmap for next steps and creating business growth.

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Events and Mentions


CPAC Certified

AnswerLab Accessibility Taskforce

Adobe Creative Jam:
Judge's Choice 2017

Adobe Creative Jam:
People's Choice 2017

Information is Beautiful Awards:
The On Demand Economy 2016

Information is Beautiful Awards:
What is the Internet Doing in Major Emerging Countries? 2015

Information is Beautiful Awards:
The Quest to Find A Unicorn 2015

Featured Talks

IAAP OPD Webinar 2021
UX/Usability Testing Panel: Personas, User Experience and Research

UXPA Boston 2019:
Understanding the Art of Experience Mapping

Fashion Institute of Technology:
Intro to Infographics 2018

Pratt Institute:
Data Visualization Workshop 2017

Prat Institute:
Intro to Infographics 2016

Featured Event Materials

Sachs Insights 2014-2018

Cat Camp NYC 2018-2019

MITEF NYC X Sachs Insights 2015-2017

General Assembly 2016

NYC UX/User Researcher 2016

NYCxEvent 2015

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